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Anil has been accredited with terms like a team player and a die-hard enthusiast at heart. His philosophy in life was this – no job is a menial job. Shortly after completing college, he ventured out on his own to find his voice and identify opportunities on his own. After almost 18 months of research, he laid the stone for setting up a Refrigerant Gas Manufacturing Plant under the name of Refex Industries in 2002 with an intention to break the strangle-hold of a handful companies on a commoditised product like Refrigerant gases. As soon as it was launched the company started innovating in the Industry. Later in 2008, sensing an opportunity in the Renewable Energy sector, he started amongst the first Solar EPC companies in the country under the Brand and styling Refex Energy, which was his way of saving the environment. His interest in Startups led him to start investing in Startups and in 2015, he laid the groundwork for starting Refex Capital.

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Pioneers in introducing
the R134a Cans in India

Anil Jain Refex Refrigerant Industries is one of the leading distributors of refrigerant gases all over India. The company’s main aim is to manufacture eco-friendly gases, replacing the most dreadful agents such as Chlorofluorocarbons. Anil Jain takes priceless efforts in educating the public about the hazards of refrigerant gases and their effects upon the ozone layer. He intends to avoid accidents of refrigerant gases that may happen due to the carelessness and mishandling of refrigerant cans and cylinders.

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Energising India
with renewable solar power

Refex Energy started with a German Collaboration, embarked on a thoughtful journey to develop solar as a sustainable energy source and provide eco-friendly power alternatives in India. Today, Refex Energy provides turnkey solar energy solutions from concept to commissioning (EPC) for solar photovoltaic (PV). This comes with operation and maintenance services available throughout the lifetime of the project. Led by visionary leaders and industry veterans, REL intends to make green power available to all by building the most affordable plants.

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Empowering Entrepreneur
of future India.

Refex Capital is the investment wing of Anil’s ventures where he has invested in 25+ startups. The desire is to entwine the illustrious past of India – being a nation of traders; with its present – To become the Start-up capital to the World. It has been a life-long ambition of Anil’s to ensure that ‘Capital’ to power the dreams of growth – is always made available to the discerning few.

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