T Anil Jain, CEO Refex Energy

Industialist Anil Jain, aged 38 years is a Self madeperson and promoter of Refex Industries Limited (RIL)(formerly Refex Refrigerants Limited), Refex Energy Limited, Refex Trading (S) Pte Ltd, Anil Jain Investments.Read More.

Refex Energy Limited

In 2008, Refex Energy embarked on an exciting journey to develop solar as sustainable energy source, and provide eco-friendly power alternatives in India. At Refex, we aim to be a leading sustainable energy solutions provider in the country and provide energy solutions, which are not only viable in the current scenario but also in the long term. The revenues in the current year have reached 345 Crores and growing at a fast pace.Read More.

Refex Industries Limited

Refex Industries Limited(RIL)(formerly Refex Refrigerants Limited) is a specialist refiller and distributor of Refrigerant gases across India, particularly, environmentally acceptable gases that are replacements for Chloro-fluoro-carbons (CFC’s). These are used primarily as Refrigerants, Foam Blowing Agents and Aerosol Propellants. Its revenues are close to 80 Crores last year.Read More.